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Friday, October 29, 2010

Amendment to the "Myspace vs Facebook" post...

...Of course Myspace had to appear in the headlines soon after I posted the post. And so to be fair, here it is: MySpace, apps share user IDs with advertisers.

Now if blogspot ends up with a headline on security or advertisers or some other adverse issue, you might want to back away a few steps... a mini meltdown might occur and it may not be pretty.

(No newslinks, myspace or facebook were harmed during the production of this post)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Myspace vs Facebook: and the winner is...Blogspot!

I really, really liked myspace, that’s all there is to it. It was easy to use and I loved the theme I was able to design for it. It had everything: your status/mood, your pics, vids, interests, heroes and everything else in between in these nice, neat boxes which were easy to update. Basically you could post your whole life story on it if you wanted to. I didn’t quite go nuts with all that; at least I thought I was showing some restraint. Anyway, I also had such illustrious friends as Wes Studi, Robert Picardo and Seal. And best of all, no security issues and no ads!

See, I just don’t get why everyone is flocking to facebook. They’re always announcing some sort of security issue like this: Facebook finds apps giving user ID data to advertisers. And yet people are willing to put up with all that because everyone else they know is using it? Huh... the strangeness of this world can’t be measured...

I’ve got myspace hooked up to life support (just not ready to pull the plug yet) and I can’t stand facebook, so here I am. I’ve designed a theme to match my website and it has these nice, neat boxes—s’cuse me, “gadgets”—to put my life story in and are easy to update. I guess I can have “followers” instead of “friends”, but it’s not going to give me their life story with streaming status/mood updates. Pics and vids aren’t as accessible either, but I realized when it came right down to it, the blog was what I really wanted in the first place and be able to tie it to my website.

Alrighty then, we’ll give this spot a shot and see what happens...

(No design themes, gadgets or potential followers were harmed during the production of this blog.)