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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rick's annual pumpkin carving...

As you can see, we're not talking a triangle-eyed, crooked smile jackolantern. This is truly a work of art by a skilled craftsman.

Rick is a friend at work and I hope to post a picture every year.

(No carving knives, candles in the pumpkin or Rick were harmed during the production of this post.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to do the Paypal User Login

Okay, so someone has got you all setup to be a user in their paypal account and gave you a user name and password. You go to the paypal login page and... uh, yeah, now what?, because it says “Account Login  Email Address”. And there is no other login page whatsoever. After spending several hours trying to find the answer, I figured it out and thought I would share it here to save someone else the time and frustration (aka mini melt down) I went through.

“What about paypal’s help?”, you ask. Yeah, right. It was very helpful in telling me how to setup a user on an account, but didn’t have a thing on how the user is suppose to login in with their user name. And as I said, after several hours of googling forum’s, I found that no one else really knew as well—at least not in what I was searching.

Anyway, without further ado here’s the trick: Even though it says “Email Address” that’s where you type in your user name and ta-da! You’re in. Yes, folks, it is the same login page, but you’re not entering in an email address.

Hope this helps you as I love being able to share info that saves someone time and one less mini melt down is always a good thing.

(No user names, the Google search engine or paypal’s not-so-helpful help were harmed during the production of this blog.)

PS: I do believe I didn't mention why I was dealing with a paypal user account in the first place. It's because I've joined the fun filled world of e-commerce! I've opened up a new web store, Video Projection FX and you're under no obligation to buy if you just want to look.