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Friday, September 12, 2014

For The bucket List? I Really, Really Hope Not...

When I created this blog, I had visions of faithfully blogging every day or, at the very least, fill it with pages and pages of witty writing, pithy poetry and any other such mindful musings to captivate readers around the world.

But as you can see from the last entry dated 15 months ago--that is 1 year & 3 months ago--that vision plummeted with my energy level. Mind you, I did not abandon this brilliant blog as some blog enthusiasts end up doing. They go nuts getting it all setup and start out with a some engaging entries, only let it fall by the wayside along with other unfinished hobbies/projects. Or even worse, they just out right heartlessly abandon it without so much as a good-bye or at least, "so long and thanks for all the fish", leaving us to wonder: is that it?! aren't they ever coming back??

No I had and still have every intention of getting back to this baby and have lists and lists of the aforementioned witty writing, etc., and do dream about it whilst I'm napping (again) or going to bed early (again) or sitting here in front of my good old still-running-on-XP SP3-without-any-problems-whatsoever computer staring at the screensaver with mush-mind (aka "brain fog" as some CFSers refer to it) wondering why I'm not taking a nap.

Unfortunately, I can only stop by a short while to say hello, I'm still here, still want to write, I maybe down, but not defeated and really, really praying I'll be back soon...

(No buckets, captivated readers or my good old XP PC were not harmed during the production of this post.)

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